This one-day workshop will be structured to facilitate deep discussion of current ethical dilemmas faced by CSCW researchers. The first half of the workshop will frame this discussion with a set of case studies presented by participants and organizers. We will use these case studies to identify a set of ethical issues as particularly pressing to current researchers.

In the second half of the workshop, we will synthesize themes that emerged from the preceding discussion, and use these as a starting point to discuss best practices for researching online sociotechnical systems. We will brainstorm ideas for ethical guidelines for CSCW researchers, as well as ideas for interaction with Institutional Review Boards and industry ethical standards. We will discuss methods for disseminating information among our research community as well as facilitating public awareness of sociotechnical research.

The outcome of this workshop will be to generate a workshop report that identifies key issues and future actions. These will be drawn from our collaborative ideas for best practices, illustrative case studies, recommendations for IRB submissions, and proposals for future collaborations and dialogue with individuals across industry and academia.


9:00     Welcome & Overview  (15 min)
9:15      Introductions  (30 min)
9:45      Topic 1: Relationships to Public/Participants (Speakers: Brian Keegan, Stuart Schechter, Oliver Haimson) (30 min)
10:15    Break  (15 min)
10:30   Topic 1 continued (30 min)
11:00    Topic 2: Big Data/Methods (Speakers: Alex Leavitt, Jim Maddock)  (45 min)
11:45    Topic 3: Policy & Industry (Speakers: Kristin Vaccaro, Janice Tsai) (45 min)
12:30    Focused discussion  (30 min)
1:00      Working Lunch: Smaller focused discussions  (1 hr)
2:00      Breakout groups  (1 hour 15 min)
3:15      Break  (15 min)
3:30      Breakout group reports  (45 min)
4:15      Discussion of next steps (45 min)
5:00      End

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