The deadline for submissions is November 24, 2014 at 8pm PDT.

Area of Interest
As both social technology and research methods evolve, traditional research ethics continue to be challenged by online settings. There are a number of issues worthy of continued dialogue, such as informed consent, the role of Institutional Review Boards, appropriate and effective anonymization of participants, relationships with and dissemination of findings to participants, the definition of public spaces and public data, and the collaboration between academic and corporate researchers. How can we apply the ACM ethical codes of “avoiding harm to others” and “being honest and trustworthy” to newer methods for human subjects research and design? Under what ethical expectations should sociotechnical researchers be operating when partnering with corporations that collect, aggregate, and manage large scale datasets drawn from a customer base? Should there be a distinction between scientific and business research? When does data science become human subjects research? These open questions have spurred both public response and discussion within our own community; what can we learn from these reactions?

Call for Papers
We welcome position papers or case studies relating to current ethical issues of human subjects research online. Submissions should be 4-6 pages including references and figures in the ACM extended abstract format. Position papers should provide a strong overview of the potential participant’s approach to ethical research in sociotechnical big data and experimentation in collaborative environments. Case studies should be clear about the audience, venue, research concern, issues encountered, and the strategies used or proposed for addressing challenges. Participants will be selected based on the fit to workshop themes, the quality of the contribution, and the diversity of the backgrounds and institutions presented. For both formats, visuals or additional materials such as videos, system walkthroughs, or example EULAs can be added as addenda.

How to Submit
Please email your position paper or case study as a PDF to by 8pm PDT on November 24, 2013. You may also use this email address to contact the organizers with any questions.


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