Workshop Participants & Papers

Nazanin Andalibi, Andrea Forte
Drexel University
Social Computing Researchers As Vulnerable Populations

Anne Bowser, Janice Tsai
Microsoft Research
Evaluating Irrelevant Search: A Case Study for Internet Ethics Education

Josh Cowls, Ralph Schroeder
Oxford Internet Institute
The Ethics of Given-off versus Captured Data in Digital Social Research

R. Stuart Geiger
UC Berkeley
Does Facebook Have Civil Servants? On Governmentality and Computational Social Science

Sarah Gilbert
University of British Columbia
Participants in the Crowd: Deliberations on the Ethical Use of Crowdsourcing in Research

Oliver Haimson, Kathryn Ringland, Gillian Hayes
UC Irvine
Marginalized Populations and Research Ethics Online

Brian Keegan
Northeastern University
Research in the Time of Technopanics

Alex Leavitt
University of Southern California
Mixed [M] eth (ics | ods): Thoughts on Ethics at the Intersection of Ethnography and Machine Learning

Jim Maddock, Kate Starbird, Robert Mason
University of Washington
Using Historical Twitter Data for Research: Ethical Challenges of Tweet Deletions

Amirah Majid
University of Washington
Cultural Competence: An Ethical Model for Big Data Research

Jessica Pater, Elizabeth Mynatt
Georgia Institute of Technology
#thinspiration: Exploring the Ethics of Research Focused on Teens, Self-harm and Social Computing

Stuart Schechter, Cristian Bravo-Lillo
Microsoft Research, Universidad de Chile
Recent Survey Results on Experimental Ethics

Katie Shilton, Sean Goggins*, Brian Butler, Susan Winter
University of Maryland, *University of Missouri
Research Ethics for Open Online Community Data: A Case Study of Human Subjects Research Online

Kristen Vaccaro, Karrie Karahalios, Christian Sandvig*, Kevin Hamilton, Cedric Langbort
University of Illinois, *University of Michigan
Agree or Cancel? Research and Terms of Service Compliance


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